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  • Unclutter your mind - Meditation for beginners

    Ayurvedic hospital
    Heres what a typical weekday looks like for a majority of us: we wake up, get ready in a rush, traverse the noisy and merciless traffic to reach our workplace. Then, work till evening to finish the pile of work put on our desks, battle the punishing traffic yet again, only to reach tired and stressed at home, scroll through our social media feed, probably watch a how on TV or our laptops, and ultimately, try to go to sleep, with our minds still racing from the days stresses.
    02 Apr 2018
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  • Demystifying Doshas Part 1 - Vata, Pitta, Kapha

    Ayurvedic hospital
    The practice and study of the fascinating world of Ayurveda is a rewarding lifelong pursuit, and we are here to help you explore it, one article at a time! Today we will demystify the principles of The ‘Doshas’ - a concept that is central to the study of Ayurveda.
    29 Mar 2018
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  • Feeling hot? These Fruits and Veggies will cool you down!

    Ayurvedic hospital
    There are many times when the day’s punishing heat seems to almost seep into our systems, affecting not only how hot we feel but also our digestion and overall health. Air conditioners are a short-term solution, but how does one keep the body cool and calm through the day? The secret, my friend, lies in eating the right food!
    26 Mar 2018
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  • Health Benefits of Jaggery (An Alternative to Sugar)

    Ayurvedic hospital
    A frequently used ingredient in traditional Indian cooking, jaggery not only sweetens our delicacies, but is also a treasure trove of nutrients, minerals and fibre, unlike its processed counterpart, white sugar.
    21 Mar 2018
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