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  • Karkidakam (Monsoon): The best season for Ayurvedic therapy

    Ayurvedic hospital
    Plan a relaxing and rejuvenating Ayurvedic getaway this July-August to make the most of this enigmatic season where your body is the most receptive to Ayurvedic treatments!
    12 Apr 2018
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  • Demystifying Doshas: Eat and exercise according to your Dosha

    Ayurvedic hospital
    Thank you, dear readers, for all your love on the first article we wrote on Demystifying Doshas! On popular demand, we are back with the second edition on the topic, and we will help you understand the right nutrition for you, according to your Dosha, the foods you should reduce the intake of, and the right kind of exercise! Read on to understand it all, and how to apply the ancient knowledge of Doshas to align each aspect of your lifestyle better !
    05 Apr 2018
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  • All about Shirodhara - The Ayurvedic wonder therapy

    Ayurvedic hospital
    The wondrous universe of Ayurveda is full of therapeutic marvels that helps you revive, rejuvenate and help you live a more wholesome life, and we at Rajah Ayurveda strongly believe that we should adopt these practices into our daily life on a continuous basis, and not wait to fall sick to do so! Prevention is always better than cure, and helps you get the most out of life.
    04 Apr 2018
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  • Unclutter your mind - Meditation for beginners

    Ayurvedic hospital
    Heres what a typical weekday looks like for a majority of us: we wake up, get ready in a rush, traverse the noisy and merciless traffic to reach our workplace. Then, work till evening to finish the pile of work put on our desks, battle the punishing traffic yet again, only to reach tired and stressed at home, scroll through our social media feed, probably watch a how on TV or our laptops, and ultimately, try to go to sleep, with our minds still racing from the days stresses.
    02 Apr 2018
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