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  • Ways That Yoga Might Sharpen Focus

    Ayurvedic hospital
    A wavering focus is one of the major causes of low productivity at the workplace or low grades at school and college. It is this same attribute that students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and home-makers alike have been trying to achieve to uplift the quality of their lives. A lack of concentration is the root of all evil, but when one understands where to turn for support, improving concentration is not all that difficult.
    18 Aug 2022
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  • What Place Does Ayurveda Hold in Our Busy Life

    Ayurvedic hospital
    Ayurveda is quite old—5,000 years old or more. For those of us who live in the modern world, some of the ancient rituals may appear unattainable and out-of-date.
    16 Aug 2022
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  • 25 Highly Effective Ayurvedic Therapies for Health and Longevity

    Ayurvedic hospital
    Ancient, profound and effective, the field of Ayurveda is a millenia old tradition of being one with nature. It relies on a deep understanding natures countless treasures to heal us of various ailments,and helps us be at our best physically, mentally, as well as spiritually. In a world where we are, day by day, losing touch with nature, Ayurveda is a wise reminder for us to change our lifestyle and incorporate the ancient knowledge of nature and its impact on man. At Rajah Ayurveda,we believe that good health is priceless, and through a constant practice of Ayurvedic therapies and lifestyle changes, it is possible to stay at the peak of your health throughout your life.
    05 May 2018
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  • Karkidakam (Monsoon): The best season for Ayurvedic therapy

    Ayurvedic hospital
    Plan a relaxing and rejuvenating Ayurvedic getaway this July-August to make the most of this enigmatic season where your body is the most receptive to Ayurvedic treatments!
    12 Apr 2018
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