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  • Pitta Dosha Home Remedies: Natural Ways to Rebalance Pitta

    Ayurvedic hospital
    The word "pitta" comes from the root "tapa," which means "to heat." The fundamental components of Pitta in the body are heat (fire/Agni) and moisture (water/jala). It is mobile because of its fluid nature.
    18 Oct 2022
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  • Home cures for insomnia

    Ayurvedic hospital
    Too many people in our always-on culture view sleep as a luxury rather than a necessity!
    10 Oct 2022
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  • Ayurvedic Perspective on Daily Water Consumption

    Ayurvedic hospital
    Soma, the nourishing, cooling quality connected to lunar energy, is represented by water. It promotes healthy digestion, calms and balances Pitta dosha, strengthens Kapha, and tempers Vata's tendency toward dryness. When pee leaves the body, it nourishes, lubricates, and detoxifies as well.
    17 Oct 2022
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  • Yogas Most Overlooked Aspects

    Ayurvedic hospital
    In these difficult times, yoga has gained a lot of popularity. This widely accepted method has its roots in ancient India and has been a part of this country's cultural ethos for many centuries. Nowadays, most people identify yoga with different body-strengthening and relaxation poses and activities.
    25 Oct 2022
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