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Advise to our guests

Before taking an Ayurvedic treatment, it will be better if you prepare your body for it. As a part of it you may avoid smoking and alcohol follow vegetarian food for at least two weeks prior to the start of the treatments. Similarly, follow the doctor's advice on diet and lifestyle changes after the completion of the treatment.

Things to Remember
  • If you are travelling in India and the treatment is part of your programme, it will be better to complete your travelling first & then undergo the treatment course. Otherwise travel may disturb the process of cure after the treatment.
  • Bring all the relevant medical reports while coming here.
  • If you are taking some medications or food supplements at home regularly, you can bring them here and you may stop them later after consulting the doctor.
  • For lady patients, major treatments will not be done during the menstruation.
  • We will provide a use and throw cotton undergarments to wear during the treatment time. Bath towels will be provided in every room
  • Cotton cloths are the best during the treatment period.
  • You can bring long pants for yoga sessions and walking shoes.
  • While undergoing Ayurvedic treatments, all types of stimulants like alcohol, smoking, tea, coffee etc should be completely avoided for helping the process of cure.
  • Sexual intercourse should be strictly avoided during Ayurvedic treatments