Restless leg Syndrome

This condition is characterized by unpleasant or uncomfortable sensation in legs mainly below knees. This will be more prominent during rest and patient tries to relieve this feeling by moving legs. This can disturb the sleep and can make the person in ability to relax
According to Ayurveda, it is a pure Vatha disorder. Patients with Dhathukshaya (depletion in Sapthadhatus) are prone to this condition
Along with Vatha pacifying diet and activities, certain therapies are also essential. The treatments will be mainly different kinds of massages and local treatments like poultices. Depending on severity of problems 2- 3 weeks treatments in hospital, is needed. The patient may needs to continue some medicines and oils some more time up to 3 months.
With this programme, you can expect a good recovery. In day to day life, it is important to provide physical and mental relaxation. And try to stay away from stress. These things can worse the situation.