Pagets Disease

Paget's disease of bone interferes with your body's normal recycling process, in which new bone tissue gradually replaces old bone tissue. Over time, the disease can cause affected bones to become fragile and misshapen. Paget's disease of bone most commonly occurs in the pelvis, skull, spine and legs. The risk of Paget's disease of bone increases with age. Your risk also increases if any family members have the disorder.

Most people who have Paget's disease of bone have no symptoms. When symptoms occur, the most common complaint is bone pain.

Because this disease causes your body to generate new bone faster than normal, the rapid remodeling produces bone that's softer and weaker than normal bone, which can lead to bone pain, deformities and fractures.

The disease might affect only one or two areas of your body or might be widespread. Your signs and symptoms, if any, will depend on the affected part of your body.

  • Pelvis. Paget's disease of bone in the pelvis can cause hip pain.
  • Skull. An overgrowth of bone in the skull can cause hearing loss or headaches.
  • Spine. If your spine is affected, nerve roots can become compressed. This can cause pain, tingling and numbness in an arm or leg.
  • Leg. As the bones weaken, they may bend — causing you to become bowlegged. Enlarged and misshapen bones in your legs can put extra stress on nearby joints, which may cause osteoarthritis in your knee or hip.

Ayurveda considers the disease as Asthikshaya  and more associated with Vatha dosha
The main aim of the treatment will be

  • To regularize the deposition and breakdown of bone tissue
  • Medicines will helps  in healthy bone tissue
  • Symptomatic treatments  for bone pain and neurological issues
  • Focus on protecting vital organs and prevent long term complications of joints, sensory organs, heart and kidney

An in-house course of 3-4 weeks will be ideal.


  • Do appropriate physiotherapy
  • Maintain weight according to the Body Mass Index
  • Avoid dry and cold foods
  • Milk, ghee, sesame, millets, gingely oil are good for the body.