Mental Disorders

General description about Manas (mind).
The entity which is responsible for contemplation and thinking is defined as manas. Manas has two basic qualities Anutwa and Ekatwa (atomic dimension and unitary nature) Manas is constituted of 3 operational qualities – Satva, Rajas and Tamas. Satva is indicated by Violence, knowledge and discriminating ability and power of exposition. Rajas is indicated by violence, despotic envy, authoritativeness, self adoration. Tamas is indicated by dullness, non action and sleep. These are the functional indicators.

Satva also refers to psydric strength of a person. Manovikara refers to an abnormal condition related to mental functions. It can divide into two categories.
1.    Emotional disturbances
2.    Psychosomatic conditions

Ayurvedic treatment for the mental disorders has been through wolistic approach. This approach can be in different ways. They are mainly Daivavyapsraya chikithsa- This is actually a measure to prevent psychological problems like incantation, tying herbs, wearing gems, propitiatory rites, oblations, sacrifice, offerings, fasts, pilgrimage etc. Yukthivyapsraya chikithsa – This includes diet drugs and behavioural activities.

In drug therapy, depending on dosha imbalance srothossudhi or dosha sodhana – elimination of deranged dosha is important. This is achieving by means of panchakarma. After that palliative (samand) and tonics for brain (Rasayanas) are given. Along with this Satvavajaya (Psycho behavioral) measures are also needed.

Main procedures will be snehapanam, virechana, vasthi, nasya, sirodhara, sirolepa, anjana and dhoomapana

There are a number of tonics are mentioned for improving mental faculties. So a suitable one will be ideal for getting maximum benefits.

Satavajaya chikithsa will help the mind to restrain from desire for unwholesome objects. For this increasing satva is essential. This can achieve through knowledge of self analytical knowledge, confidence wisdom and concentration.

Preventive measures:
In order to maintain good mental health one should not allow to become a victim of impulses like agreed, grief, fear, anger, jealousy etc. One who speaks truth, refrain from over indulgence of alcohol and meat, hurts none, avoid over strain, fair spoken always compassionate and given to whole some eating, would enjoy the benefits of sound mental health.