Guillain Barre Syndrome / acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy

Guillain barre syndrome , causes progressive muscle weakness & paralysis (the inability to use a particular muscle or muscle group ). The cause of weakness is the loss of myelin sheath/ demyelination
GBS causes inflammation & destruction of myelin sheath & it disturbs multiple nerves & hence it is considered as an acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy.


  • muscle weakness (legs first, then arms & face)
  • numbness & tingling sensation in the limbs
  • paralysis of the limbs
  • difficulty in speaking & swallowing
  • breathing difficulties if the muscles of rib cage & diaphragm are affected

It can be correlated mamsagata vata or sannipathaja jwara. When the morbid vata afflicts mamsa ( muscles) or meda – fat tissue ) it causes pricking pain or tingling sensation of the body with heaviness and weakness. 3-4 weeks of IP treatments will be beneficial in such case , brihmana chikitsa ( nourishing treatment ) are advised.

Procedures like Uzhichil,Pizhichil,Mamsakizhi,Tailadhara,Nasyam,Shirodara, navarakizhi , swedanam Etc can be done.

Vata pacifying & nourishing medicines are given to support the internal treatments adviced.

Diet restrictions

  • avoid refined foods such as white breads , pastas & sugar
  • doughnuts , pastries, bread, , candies, soft, drinks etc may contribute worsening symptoms of neurological  disorders
  • avoid coffee and other stimulants .
  • alcohol and smoking should be avoided
  • avoid processed foods

Maintaining physical fitness is important .
Those  who  keep active tend to do better with less symptoms with a slower disease progression.

The treatments and medicines will help arresting the progression of the disease. It improves the mobility and weakness of muscles and limbs as treatments nourishes the muscles and nerves.