Excessive Anger

Anger and hostility are typical signs of aggravated pitha. This aggravation is manifesting in nervous system. A small irritation can end up in out breaks.

So in general a pitha pacifying treatment is usefull. Body needs cooling herbs and treatments which help to keep temper under control.

Keep away from heat sources like steam baths or Sauna, and overheating body by sunbath and noon time  sports and exercises are not good.

Massage with cooling oil and application of cooling herbs like sandle wood will be beneficial.

In food also try to avoid salt, sour and spicy food use ghee in cooking

Yoga, pranayama and meditation can help to overcome this problem

If the problem is affecting your day to day life like job and personal relations, a more intense Pitha balancing treatments may need. A 2 weeks programe can help you to improve the condition.