Atopic Dermatitis/Contact Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis: Skin disease characterized by areas of severe itching, redness, scaling, and loss of the surface of the skin.

Contact dermatitis: Skin condition caused by contact between skin and some substance

Atopic dermatitis: often have dry and scaly skin that spans the entire body, except perhaps the diaper area, and intensely itchy red, splotchy, raised lesions to form in the bends of the arms or legs, face, and neck. These lesions then weep, crack, swell, and crust over. These lesions are at a heightened risk for bacterial, fungal, or viral colonization.

Contact dermatitis: Red rash or bumps. Itching, which may be severe. Dry, cracked, scaly skin, if your condition is chronic. Blisters, draining fluid and crusting, if your reaction is severe. Swelling, burning or tenderness.

Internal Medicines: Aragwadhadi kashayam, Nimbadi kashayam, Patolakaturohinyadi kashayam

Valiya madhusnuhi rasayanam, Kaisora guggulu, etc.

External therapies: Abhyangam, Virechanam, Thakradhara, Local dhara, Lepanam, Jalookavacharanam etc.

Duration of Stay: 14 days minimum

Diet: Avoid sea foods, Black gram, Red meat, Brinjal, Yoghurt, sour food items etc.

Now a days, more and more people are addited to different substances like tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc. This indicates a decline in peoples mental health and out look about life and values. Most of them start using them for seeking momentary pleasure and joy. And also influence of friends. In parties, it is really difficult to stay away from Alcohol, because that is the main item serving around.

People are more prone to stress and strain from competitive world. Even a small problem is big for them. So they want a relief from these problems. Naturally they start to use the substances more frequently and ended up in addiction. After a period it will change into chemical depending more psychological satisfaction. Gradually it will start to affect his personal and social relationships.

To handle this problem effectively cleansing through Panchakarma is essential. For this a in house treatment upto one month is required. After that also the person need to continue some herbs to improve his mental faculties. Also some rasayanas for improving physical and mental health.

Yoga and meditation can help a lot to improve mental state and keep away from addictions.